BIDMC scientist offered 2010 Arthur Steindler Award Christopher Evans.

The innovative analysis being executed by Chris Evans keeps great promise as a fresh treatment option for controlling this widespread disease. Evans was the main investigator on the world’s first medical trial of gene therapy for arthritis, and this past year published the initial clinical proof demonstrating a medical response to gene therapy in arthritis rheumatoid. He is along the way of creating a further clinical research in the gene therapy of osteoarthritis and offers advanced pre-clinical research applications in bone curing and the restoration of harm to cartilage..‘The studies we’ve carried out demonstrate that it may be possible to better know how a tumor will behave by examining the genetic make-up of tumor tissue obtained through biopsy. While oftentimes, surgery is recommended after diagnosis, this check will devise appropriate therapy selection predicated on the tumor genomic profiling for kidney individuals with no need for invasive medical procedures. This microarray check joins additional proprietary genomic testing solutions provided by CGI that target personalized malignancy treatment while reducing healthcare cost..